Buyer's Kit

Enhance your approach as a buyer's agent with our comprehensive Buyer Kit, designed to equip you with all the materials needed to effectively represent yourself to potential clients. This Buyer Kit includes a variety of both print and digital resources tailored to guide clients through the home-buying process, demonstrating your expertise and the value you provide.

Items within this kit are a combination of customizable and static, non-customizable documents.

10 x eXp-branded presentation folders containing the following:

  • Buyer Presentation

  • Buyer’s Packet, containing:

    a) Lender Recommendations

    b) Loan Application Checklist

    c) House Hunting Checklist

    d) Open House Comparison Chart

    e) Offer Submissions Checklist

    f) Offer Summary Sheet

    g) Contract to Close Timeline

    h) Home Inspection Checklist

    i) Closing Day Checklist

Additionally, we empower you, the agent, to confidently represent your buyers by providing:

  • Access to the Buyer Representation Toolkit

  • A guide on Unlocking Value for your Clients

  • Exclusive discounts on top-notch gear

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