Real Estate Terminology PDF

Real Estate Terminology PDF
Adjustable rate mortgage, counteroffer, principle... the list goes on and on. Many of your clients may struggle to remember the meaning of these, and other commonly used real estate terms. Get ahead of the confusion by equipping them with this helpful Real Estate Terminology guide. Don't forget to customize it with your branding and contact information!
Real Estate Terminology

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While in the middle of a discussion with a client, have you ever used a real estate buzz word and immediately could tell you've lost them? Regardless if your clients are first-time home buyers or seasoned movers, it's likely they will ask you to clarify a term or two throughout the transaction.

Be proactive by branding and sharing this document with them. This Real Estate Terminology sheet highlights the most commonly used, client-facing real estate terms from A to Z. Your clients will appreciate the effort and you will be able to speak freely about all things real estate!

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